I have been using Notary Assist since 2008. Before finding this fantastic software at the NNA Convention, I had been using a series of Excel spreadsheets to keep my records. I was really impressed at what I saw and purchased right away, no second thought needed. This software has been a blessing, everything in one spot. Come tax time all you need to do is print out a few reports and you only have to fill out your forms. Customer service is done graciously and quickly when it is time to upgrade. I am eagerly looking forward to the new enhancements that are coming in the future. If any notary wants ease and peace of mind that their records are there when they need them Notary Assist is the ONLY way to go!

I am so pleased with your product, your personal expertise and your professionalism. You made my day, and my future days, wonderful! Keep up the good work. I’ve never considered using any other product than yours since 2012

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