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Today's most advanced, intuitive, all-in-one Accounting / Bookkeeping & Now SEO Marketing software designed specifically to meet the needs of Notary Professionals nationwide.
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Unlock Your Notary Potential with NotaryAssist – Your All-In-One Solution for Professional Notaries Nationwide. Streamline Your Business with Customizable Services, Real-Time Analytics, and User-Friendly Tools. Elevate Productivity and Growth with Integrated Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Cutting-Edge SEO. Experience the Ultimate One-Stop Solution – Join NotaryAssist Today!

Business Center

Discover the game-changing power of NotaryAssist’s all-new Business Center, where Professional Notaries can effortlessly track ALL their services! From Loan Signings to Estate Planning, to Hospital appointments, and beyond – customize unique revenue streams to fit your market & expertise. NotaryAssist not only suggests services but also empowers you to create your own, including specialties like Process Serving, Permit Running, and Field Inspections. Seize control of your success and unlock endless possibilities with NotaryAssist today!



Unleash the Power of Real-Time Analytics with NotaryAssist! Discover trends, cost insights, and profitability for each service – all at your fingertips. Watch your data come to life with easy-to-read graphs and leverage this valuable information to market yourself and make informed decisions that will optimize your notary business. Take control of your success and elevate your notary services to new heights with NotaryAssist today!


Auto Import

Discover the Best Time Saving Feature in the Industry – NotaryAssist's Auto Import! This revolutionary engine lets you forward ANY confirmation email for automatic import into your NotaryAssist account. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficiency – it's like having a virtual assistant! Since release, it has successfully imported thousands of different confirmation emails and continues to grow. Save time, streamline your workflow, and boost productivity with NotaryAssist's Auto Import today!



Easily enter and organize your appointment schedule.  You can push your appointment details to your smartphone calendar via Goggle Calendar or ICal, so you always know when you are available to accept work.  Need driving directions? No problem, get turn by turn navigation with a single click displayed on your mobile device.



Safe Record-Keeping! Securely store your customers’ contact information, generate invoices, get directions, plus income reporting.  Clearly see how much revenue each customer brings you, each week, month, quarter or year, and how long to receive payment.



Organize your expenses.  Don’t get buried under piles of receipts!  Quickly enter expenses, create custom expense types or categories, scan receipts, set up recurring expenses, track unpaid invoices and make tax time simple!



Track your business commutes! Document your miles to notary appointments, networking events, trainings, supplies , shipping centers etc. Calculate your total miles driven so you can make tax time a breeze and keep an accurate account of profits and losses.


Notarial Acts

Maximize your Tax Benefit!  As a Notary Public, you are a Public Servant. This qualifies YOU for special Tax Exemptions! Each Notarial Act you preform has a state allowable fee. This allowable fee is Self-Employment Tax exempt. NotaryAssist helps you track your Notarial Acts and the allowable fees to gain Maximum Tax Benefits. Each tax situation is different so we advise discussing your personal situation with a licensed tax professional.



NotaryAssist offers a variety of professional reports to see the health of your business! Each report features a customizable date range allowing reporting by the day, week, month, quarter, or year! Income, Profit & Loss, Expense, Mileage, and Tax reports are just a few of our ever growing reporting abilities. 


The Ultimate Organizational Tool

  • Professional Notaries must stay organized. Our customers choose NotaryAssist because it includes everything to organize your business, all in one, easy-to-use application!
  • Your customers, calendar, directions, expenses, mileage, invoices, and reports are with you at all times, no matter what device you use…Smartphone, laptop, or PC! Enter your data one time and have access to it from any device anytime without ever having to re-enter.
  • NotaryAssist is ready whenever and wherever you are! We are excited to announce our Mobile App is coming soon! For both Apple and Android!!
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Trusted for over a decade by users across the United States as the premier Notary Accounting Software.

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As a professional Notary, or Signing Agent, you have to manage your time in order to build a thriving, profitable business. Your job involves booking new clients, scheduling appointments, tracking invoices, coordinating payments/non-payments, and maintaining travel/mileage logs. Come tax season, NotaryAssist saves you and your accountant valuable time during one of the most stressful times of the year. Keeping you organized, so you can focus on generating additional revenue for your notary business.
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  • Assignment Information
  • Auto Mileage Calculator
  • Business and Tax Reports
  • Automatic Updates
  • Customer Manager
  • Schedule Manager
  • Business Expenses
  • Account Invoices
  • Driving Directions
  • Built-in Security


  • Assignment Information
  • Auto Mileage Calculator
  • Business and Tax Reports
  • Automatic Updates
  • Customer Manager
  • Schedule Manager
  • Business Expenses
  • Account Invoices
  • Driving Directions
  • Built-in Security

Storage Only

  • Recommended for Retired Notaries
  • Data Safely Stored
  • View & Print Only
  • Built-In Security
  • Low Annual Price
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NotaryAssist Marketing

- Our Newest Addition -

NotaryAssist Marketing – Is a search engine optimization (SEO) platform that helps the Professional Notary GET FOUND and GET SELECTED for work in their unique area!! Manage all of your internet profiles in one place! As the world around us changes, it is important to stay connected with your current and potential customers. NotaryAssist Marketing was designed for this purpose. Let us help you grow your online presence, Get Found & Get Chosen Today!

Get your Notary Business FOUND & Chosen in your area!


  • Get more direct customers from online searches by managing your business profiles across sites like Google, Maps, Yelp, and Facebook, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Add your business information once into NotaryAssist Listings, and we will optimize it over 40+ search platforms.
  • Listings will keep optimizing and building your online presence and authority for you allowing your notary business to grow.


  • Get more 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, & Facebook!
  • Make your profile Stand Out in local search results, increasing viewer confidence to Choose You, and give you their business.
  • 87% of potential customers pick local service providers based on their reviews!  NotaryAssist Reviews makes getting reviews easy!
  • With one text or email to your customer, you can send your unique review request link, to quickly become the top-rated notary public in your area! | 949-713-3570

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NotaryAssist Marketing
Pricing Plan


  • Get listed on 40+ platforms
  • Optimize your online presence
  • Show up in more search results
  • Get more website visits
  • Get more calls
  • Automated local SEO
  • Grow your presence
  • Grow your brand
  • Get more appointments
  • Get more reviews
  • Filter out bad reviews
  • Respond to reviews
  • Track your progress
  • Works for Google
  • Works for Yelp
  • Works for Facebook
  • Track your competitors
*You do not need a NotaryAssist accounting subscription to use NotaryAssist Marketing

Excellent service. The staff is helpful, professional and dedicated to our success. We highly recommend NotaryAssist.

Russ and Toni Rosen - Planright Mobile Notaries, Inc

Could not stay organized without you! You’re the command station of my business!

Claudia Whitaker, Notary Public

I use the software everyday, it is incredible, I am a notary and I have a small business, I personally love this product!

Gigi King, Notary Public

OMG! I have used NA for many years. I hesitated to use the new cloud version because of the cost. However, it is so easy to use and intuitive. It’s just great!

Susie Cook, Notary Public

NotaryAssist is the perfect program for a notary signing agent! It saves so much time to have everything in one place and end of the year reports take less than 5 minutes. My CPA loves this programs reports and I always recommend NotaryAssist to any signing agent I meet or train. Thanks for a wonderful product!.

Nina Thomas, Loan Signing Agent

I have been using Notary Assist since 2008. Before finding this fantastic software at the National Notary Association Convention, I had been using a series of spreadsheets to keep my records. I was really impressed at what I saw and purchased it right away, no second thought needed. This software has been a blessing, everything in one spot. Come tax time all you need to do is print out a few reports and you only have to fill out your forms. Customer service is done graciously and quickly when it is time to upgrade…. If any notary wants ease and peace of mind that their records are there when they need them Notary Assist is the ONLY way to go!

Frankie, Notary Public

Thank you for updating my software so quickly and efficiently. I have used many many software programs during my computer years and have never enjoyed using one as much as I have Notary assist. I have been a Notary Assist user for the past 5 years and have been a Notary for the past 11 years. I can’t believe how easy it is to manage my business, and file taxes come year end. I utilize every report and function on a regular basis. I have never found that I wish it included any additional features. Thank you so much! I look forward to the upcoming changes! May Your Day Be Blessed

Deborah J Dunham, Signing Agent

Thank you for the new FEATURES!!! You have saved me DAYS of data entry work!!! I Love U!

Christine Williams, Notary Public

Just used your Auto Import Feature – Absolutely LOVE IT!! Will be teaching on it!

Vanessa Terry, Notary Public, Notary2Notary

I have used NotaryAssist for about 15 yrs and it has always been a straightforward and easy way for me to enter my bookkeeping data. However, I just have to say that recently, they had a major upgrade with tools I didn't even think of having that are powerful and a game-changer. NotaryAssist added a business center that allows me to track the different lines of revenue I have developed beyond loan signings as well as the expenses that are specific to them and this allows me to see where I have a profitable line of business and where I do not. BOOM! Oh, and they have analytics that display graphs to show me where my money is coming in YTD by line of revenue so I can see at a glance where I am successful and should put more effort, and what needs to be removed from my business. I used to take all assignments as long as I was available until I saw that some I am upside down or breaking even, which means I needed to raise my price, or if that is not possible, then stop taking those assignments! This means I can take meaningful action at any month's end rather than wait till the end of the year to decide what is working for me. I love working with this software and the support is fantastic! This management tool should be used by every notary so they can proactively take action as that data develops, rather than rely on a look back at what happened last year.

Laura J Biewer, Notary Public, At Your Service, Notary Coach & Author

Frequently Asked Questions

NotaryAssist will help organize your busy Notary business. You can track customers, income, what you are owed, who owes you, expenses, mileage and more from one easy to use application. NotaryAssist is different than other accounting and business software programs, it tracks Notary specific data points and tax information, helping professional Notaries maximize their income. NotaryAssist focuses on the management of your business so that you can focus on growing it!

LavaTurtle Software Inc. launched NotaryAssist in 2007 and is currently providing service to thousands of customers across the United States. LavaTurtle Software Inc. will continue to support, design, and develop software for the Notary industry.

There are 3 available payment plans, along with our marketing platform. Monthly, Annually, and Storage Only. You chose what works best for your personal business. Monthly cost is $8.99, Annually cost is $95.00, Storage Only $50.00 per Year, and Marketing at $59.99/Month

Yes, our NotaryAssist Mobile Apps are available for both Apple and Android please visit your App Store or Google Play store to download or you can click the links located at the top of our website.

Technical Support Services – Our Customer Service Staff is available by Phone, Text, and Email.  LIVE in-person Phone Support is offered M – F 8:00am to 5:00pm PST. Tech Support phone number is 949-713-3570 Email Support is available - Email and Text Support are monitored regularly during and after regular business hours. We work to respond quickly to all questions, and in most cases respond within 24 hours or less.

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