New Website Launched!

Sue Hope, Co-Owner and Founder
NotaryAssist, LavaTurtle Software, Inc.

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NotaryAssist Announces Advanced Notary Accounting Application with User-friendly Website

Orange County, CA, August 21, 2015–LavaTurtle Software, Inc., launched a new and improved website this week for its Notary business management software, NotaryAssist. The Orange County-based software company first developed and introduced a desktop version of NotaryAssist in 2007 after working closely with Notary professionals to decipher their business needs and challenges. Since then, the industry-leading Notary program has evolved into a web-based, intuitive application that can be accessed from any device—laptop, desktop, or Smartphone, MAC or PC.

“We decided it was time to introduce a more advanced, user-friendly version of our website to keep up with our product,” said Sue Hope, Co-Owner and Founder of NotaryAssist. “We are so proud of the success we’ve had and so pleased to serve Notary professionals around the United States with their businesses. I, myself, began my career as a Notary, so I feel uniquely qualified to help other Notaries manage their time and money. I understand their business challenges and needs, and I want to help.”

The Notary accounting tool manages Notary businesses from top to bottom with an advanced, secure web-based program. Its features are built for Notaries to stay organized and tax-time ready, including an accounting feature that addresses the unique tax benefits given only to Notaries. The program allows customers to sync with their Smartphone calendars, auto-calculate mileage, manage appointments, and print reports daily, weekly or monthly. Here are some of the many features:

  • View and organize business appointments and customer information
  • Data push to a Smartphone calendar and get turn-by-turn directions
  • Generate reports (daily, monthly or yearly) and during tax season
  • Track mileage (odometer-to-odometer or auto-calculate)
  • Manage expenses and invoices

“The feedback we receive from our customers is motivating and very positive,” said Hope. “We try to keep things personalized, user-friendly and easily accessible, including our customer support. Our customers know they are valued and that we will do everything we can to meet their business needs.”

LavaTurtle Software, Inc., located in Orange County, California, first launched in 2007. The new website is For more information, please contact Sue Hope at (949) 713-3570.