Why use NotaryAssist?

NotaryAssist will help organize your busy Notary business. You can track customers, income, what you are owed, who owes you, expenses, mileage and more from one easy to use application. NotaryAssist is different than other accounting and business software programs, it tracks Notary specific data points and tax information, helping professional Notaries maximize their income. NotaryAssist focuses on the management of your business so that you can focus on growing it!

How much does it cost?

We have 2 payment plans. Monthly or annually. You chose what works best for your personal business. Monthly cost is $7.99 or annual cost is $84.99*, the annual cost has a 10% discount applied. Remember this expense is a business expense and a tax deduction!

How long has NotaryAssist been around?

LavaTurtle Software, Inc. is the developer of NotaryAssist software. We launched NotaryAssist in 2007. We currently service thousands of customers all across the United States and will continue to support, design and develop software for the Notary Industry.

Can I import my existing NotaryAssist data?

Yes, we can import NotaryAssist desktop data so that existing users do not have to start from scratch. We will need you to send us your most current back up file. Once we receive it, we will import it to your new online account. This process takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. Send us an email at Support@NotaryAssist.com with your data file attached or request step by step instructions.

I purchased NotaryAssist for PC or Mac – Is this NotaryAssist different?

Yes, this version of NotaryAssist is completely different. The version that you have on your machine will continue to run and is certified for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 machines for the PC version. If you want to upgrade your machine to Windows 10, your version is NOT certified to run on Windows 10 and we are not able to certify it to run on Windows 10. If you would like to keep your PC version you may, but to continue to have technical support, you have to run it on a certified version of the operating system.

Can I run NotaryAssist on both my Windows Laptop and my Apple Ipad?

Yes, you can run NotaryAssist on any device regardless of make or operating system. You only need an internet connection to be able to access your data. Take your business with you each day! Make changes or add appointments on one device and see those changes everywhere. Have time between appointments? Generate invoices from Starbucks on your tablet, see your signing appointments on your Smartphone calendar and get turn by turn directions with one click! NotaryAssist is with you! At the office – on the go – on the couch! Ready whenever you are!

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple and FREE!! No Credit Cards needed to get started!! Click on any of the register now buttons on our site, fill in the requested information, create a password then click submit. Once you click submit, we will send you a validation email. Once you receive this validation email, click on the link to confirm your email address and log in! You’re done and ready to get started with your FREE 30 day or 20 signings trial.

I have an assistant who enters in data for me, can my assistant login on her device from her location and can I login on my device from my location? At the same time?

For those of you that have assistants helping you with your data entry, NotaryAssist will be even more helpful! Now, you and your assistant can login from anywhere on any device and work in the same account together. You will need to share the same email address and password information that you registered with. Just make sure that you both use the refresh button often to see the updated information that each of you are putting in. The Refresh button is the button with the two arrows that make a circle located in the menu bar located at the top left corner directly across from the user name.

How do I delete a signing? – I have made a mistake or a signing that I entered has been cancelled

To delete a signing, go to the View Signings Page under Signings from the Left hand side navigation bar, from the View Signings page, identify the signing that you would like to delete, scroll all the way to the right end of that signing there is an “X” at the end of the row, click this “X”

Can I upload my company logo?

Yes, you can upload a personal or company logo. Go to the left hand navigation bar, go to settings, then invoicing, then general, at the bottom of the general tab there is a section to add logo. Click Upload and browse your machine for the logo.

What are Batch Actions?

Batch Actions are for Batch invoices (to invoice one customer for multiple signings or appointments) or Batch payments (record multiple payments from one customer all on one check). To use this feature go to the View Signings page under Signings from the left hand navigation bar. From the View Signings page, select the customer that you would like to do a batch action for. Choose the customer from the drop down box at the top of the page. Once you select your customer, click on the Batch Action button, then click the small box at the beginning of each row for the appointments you wish to select. Then apply.