10 Tips from NotaryAssist – #NotaryTip

We have been asked to share our experiences/insights with our users and all Professional Notaries Public out there!

Below are some of our favorite tips to date.  You can follow our tips on Twitter and LinkedIn as well.  Enjoy!

*Have multiple pens in BOTH Blue and Black ink!  You never know what the document will require and you don’t want to lose time while the signer(s) look for pens!

*Carry baby wipes or wet naps in your Notary bag to remove the ink from your signers thumb after you get their print.  A nice professional gesture!

*Track your Mileage not only to and from your signing appointments, but to the office supply store, document drop off location and escrow offices!!  All those miles driven are business miles!!

* Confirm Location, Date and Time of your appointment with signer(s) PLUS make sure that someone else knows where you are and approximate time of completion! #SAFETY  Be safe out there!!

*You work HARD for your money!!  Make sure that you know your State’s Notarial Act Fee!!  Then make sure you track all of your Notarial Acts!!  Your income on Notarial Acts is Self Employment Tax Exempt!!

*Print extra forms for signings that you do all the time, But ALSO for the rare cases + the instructions how to use them!  That way you are always prepared for not only Acknowledgements and Jurats but for Special Witnesses and Sign by Mark clients!

*Stay cool and ready for the long days on the road!  Keep a small cooler with you in your car!  Keeps your drinks cold, food on hand and saves you money by not eating out all the time!

*Make a rule for yourself never to have liquid at the signing table.  Signers have the nicest intentions when you go to there house or if you are at an escrow office, almost always someone will offer you a drink.  Kindly say no – you don’t want to get 3/4 through a signing only to have all your work and original documents ruined by a liquid spill!!  It may still happen as the signer themselves may have liquid at the signing table, that is why you always have a 2nd set ready to go, but at least you have reduced the chances 🙂

*Grow your business by not being afraid to ask for referrals!  Ask your Dr., D.D.S., Barber/Stylist or anyone you give business too!  We all help each other!

*Cold/Flu Season!  Keep on your game – Wash your hands often!  We shake hands all day long – We share pens – We are in close proximity to our signers.  We can’t stop every germ, but we can do our part to keep ourselves and our signers healthy!  Add Spraying down your pens with Lysol at the end of each day!

We hope that these few tips help you and your business grow!  Look for more tips coming soon!